Shirish Singh

Contact Information:

  • Email: [First Name] [at] jhu [dot] edu

I am currently working with Cyber Systems Security group at the United Technologies Research Center, USA. Prior to joining UTRC, I was a graduate student at the Johns Hopkins University Information Security Institute. I am interested in mobile malware detection, software security, vulnerability detection, and access control. My research in the field of Security & Privacy have included: (a) Analytically modeling user cyber behaviors and bridging the gap from understanding security behaviors to improve security performance effectively, (b) Employing adversarial resistant analytics to detect mobile malware accurately, (c) Developing behavioral biometrics-based authentication and context-aware access control for mobile devices, and (d) Simulating Android malware with a real environment and fake user behavior to trigger the malicious behavior of the malware.

I have published works in Android Security, Image Retrieval, and Operating System. During my undergraduate study, I have worked with Prof. Praveen Kumar on applying Logical Itemset MIning for Image Retrieval and optimizing Completely Fair Scheduler to improve the performance of Linux Kernel’s task scheduler. During my graduate study, I worked with Dr. Li on Cognitive Modeling as a Research Assistant. During my summer internship with the United Technologies Research Center (UTRC), I worked with Dr. Devu on COMBAT and CASTRA projects.

I am also a karate enthusiast. Karate is a martial art that aims to make practitioners humble, disciplined, and confident. I have been practicing it since my childhood and have earned a green belt in Shotokan Karate.